Shark School Slots Review

Experience the danger of the seas in Shark School Slots!

Shark School online slot is the loveable game designed by the experts at Real Time Gaming, or, as we know them, RTG. This amazing game is based under water and features gorgeous graphics, creating endless hours of entertainment. Basically, Shark School features a number of friendly teenage sharks as they swim off to school every day, learning new skills and most importantly that ‘fish are not friends, but food.’

With 50 paylines to land wins on, there’s no wonder that this game and other similar games have crash landed on to popular online casino websites such as Dafabet and Bodog.

The Shark School online slot also looks extremely impressive when it comes to bonus features, with plenty available; bonus rounds include Swim Fishy Swim, Bad Sharky! And Don’t Eat the Teacher! These all award free games, multipliers and instant credit prizes which ensure that slot players are never left disappointed.

What does the Shark School online slot have to offer?

So, as you already know, Shark School online slot has 50 paylines on offer. The great thing is though, that you don’t need to play all of the paylines, with the amount you play completely down to the player. Other popular mobile slot games, like Pink Panther for example, don’t have this option, so it’s rather refreshing.

There are 15 coin values in total, starting from £5 and working down to £0.01 per hand. If you decide to play all the lines the maximum bet in the game could be as high as £250 – which is perfect for high rollers. The added advantage is that matching two symbols is counted as a win in this slot, which makes this an easy game to generate consistent wins.

There are three jackpots in total which award prizes of 1,000 coins or more. The maximum jackpot in this game is 1,500 coins – essentially making the top prize £7500 per line, which is a very tasty prospect indeed.

Symbols and extra features

Shark School mobile and online slot contains plenty of colourful representatives of the shark family, such as the great white shark, the hammerhead shark and the tiger shark. Also included are clown fish and angel fish who are, importantly, friends and not food! They’re all kept under control by the strict, yet fair the Octopus.

Of course, the symbols are all based on the above animals, including a symbol in the form of a school, which is also the scatter symbol and triggers the main bonus game. The player is then required to select one of the symbols to gain access to one of three bonus games:

Swim Fishy Swim: In this bonus you are required to help a small fish escape, which reminds us of a certain film called Finding Nemo. If it escapes you bag 25 free spins.

Bad Sharky!: This bonus is all about a bad shark who goes on an eating rampage. The most fishes he eats, the more you in terms of multipliers and free spins.

Don’t Eat the Teacher: Probably something we’ve all wanted to do at school in the past! This bonus involves you not eating the teacher for bonuses and if the teacher lasts for 25 spins – which are all free – you’ll also get a 100x bonus. If the teacher is eaten the game is over!

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Shark School. Take a look at our other awesome slot reviews at! Good luck at the tables!

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