Lucky Twins Slots Review

Lucky Twins

This is a 3-row, 5-reel slot that offers the players 9 paylines. It is a relatively straightforward slot to play and the bars along the bottom allow you to alter your bet with ease by changing the stakes. As well as that, the autoplay feature allows players to sit back, relax and watch as the spins automatically go.

Get paid!

Of course, with most slots we are just concerned about winning and what each spin can leave us with. With Lucky Twins, the paytable link is on the right hand side of the screen and will show you the value of each symbol.

In fact, you can win up to £25,000 if you land five Lucky Twins symbols. Unlikely, granted, but it is worth a go. Obviously, your stake for each spin will impact the total winnings you can achieve however it will alter accordingly so you will always be aware.

Following a Chinese theme, you will be able to see the worth of each symbol and see how they could boost your balance.

Scatter and Wild symbols

These are the symbols that can help you along your journey and increasing your winnings.

The wild symbols will substitute for anything on show (except scatters) and will help you create unique paylines. So if you are one short, the wild symbol will stand in and ensure that you win.

However, the best aspect of this game is the scatter symbols, that is where you can really boost your winnings. They are added to the payline wins and will also serve as a multiplier by the total bet you staked, so you really could land the jackpot if you see the scatter symbols involved.


So, there you have it. This is an easy game to play, ideal for beginners who are just testing out the slot world and you can apply some slot strategies in order to enjoy the game more. However, in comparison to other slots, this doesn’t offer the same range of free spins or bonus rounds that appeal to players. Yet, that shouldn’t take away from the overall game, it is easy to play and players could scoop some big wins, so get involved and good luck!

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