Double Ya Luck Slots Review

The lights of Las Vegas are calling!

Real Time Gaming have added to their growing classic video slots section with this delightfully retro title.

Although it’s all about bringing the authenticity of Las Vegas into your home, Double Ya Luck is as aesthetically active as contemporary activities, and has an overwhelming array of spins directing you towards that progressive jackpot.

Our review will help you figure out all the intricacies of this vividly decorated and coloured machine.

Lady Luck pays you a visit

Unlike a lot of titles out there, this beauty has only 3-reels and three paylines, making it incredibly simple to understand. The rainbow list of information surrounding the reels though may prove a little distracting to first time players, which is why a plan of attack is always preferable.

All the symbols are unique to this game, which is an unusual feature for a slot machine, as normally at least one icon is seen across all titles. It also shows that, while a classic imagining, nothing but excitement is in store here.

Players have a betting range that begins at just £0.10 with a max bet of £3, which means Double Ya Luck is one of the most accessible slot machines we’ve come across. What is more, you then have a chance at getting your hands on a staggering 150,000 coins! Though the base jackpot is a much smaller, though very welcomed, £1,000.

If you land an icon printed with ‘Double’, ‘Ya’, or ‘Luck’ on reels three, two or one then you will enter a 50/50 style bonus round that can trigger up to 40 free spins, which has a x4 multiplier attached to them.

Should you discover three or more red dice, you activate another bonus round which takes you to a board game type level, where the die value equals the moves you make on the board. You can win a mix of rewards, so this can be your chance for big prizes!

Eyes on the prize

For that big money prize, and let’s face it we all want to win it, you need to get a three lucky 7s combo or land on the jackpot tile during the boardgame round. The amount can range from a measly £3 all the way to the £1,000, but as mentioned the multipliers and free spins can really ramp that final figure up.

You can find a whole host of games at Online Casino, or you can carry on reading more reviews. Whatever you do though, we hope Lady Luck is favouring you tonight!

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