Dirty Martini Slots Review

Enjoy some retro stylings with Dirty Martini

Real Time Gaming are well known for interactive, modern slot machines, but few players cast a thought to their much older titles. Although seasoned and less flamboyant, Dirty Martini is an excellent retro rendition of all the elements we so love about casinos.

This school vibe can be found on throughout Crazy Vegas as well, and can be discovered on many a site by using Online Casino.

Our review has everything you need to know before you play, and will show you exactly how an older title can still make waves in the casino community; don’t write any older activities off just yet! If you find it usefull don’t forget to check out the other games we have reviewed here.

Mixing cocktails

Who knew that mixing a selection of martinis could result in such a big payout, but seeing is believing, and thanks to the simplicity of the icons, lining up those wins is a lot easier to follow.

It is a basic 5-reels and 20 paylines, involving three rows of colourful fruit and steel shakers, with the cocktail shaker being the wild here. Players can put in a stake from a minimum £0.01 or they can go big and play with a much larger £100; naturally the more you bet the greater the rewards should you win.

You have a chance of making yourself a winning combination that tastes all the sweeter thanks to a doubling of your prize should over two shakers appear on your reels. Should your focus be on those scatter icons, bear in mind that you need three or more for 15 bonus spins to be secured. If you find another three during this mini game, another 15 will be rewarded.

There isn’t a lot you can do to ensure you win the game because slot machines are so random, however, you can brush up on some tips and tricks by using a helpful guide. It could just be the difference between a small win or a windfall.

Is that progressive jackpot worth it?

It depends on what you like playing for – if you’re a high roller in the making and want to be like the traditional pros of old, then a £3,000 plus jackpot might not feel worth your time. Though remember that every win helps you to get back more, so don’t say no to another beverage just yet. Let’s face it, for a 2008 title it’s a great little payout, and it can happen when you least expect it, a standard tactic for progressive video slots.

And there you have it, Dirty Martini in a nutshell or in this case, a cocktail shaker. If you fancy taking a look at other real casino classics, there’s plenty about from RTG and many others!

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