Achilles Online Slots Review

Can you protect your Achilles heel while exploring ancient Greece?

The story of Achilles and his troublesome heel is legendary, so it’s no surprise that this Real Time Gaming title has gone down so well with its fan, despite it being released back in 2006.

In this slot you can experience all the highs of the the decorated hero before his ultimate demise, all working towards a progressive jackpot that you can watch climb before, during, and after you play.

This sandy, intense slot has a few twists and turns for you to navigate, so you may just need our review before you adventure down the path to greatness.

What challenges will you face?

As the walls of an arena peep out behind the reels, we start down a journey where 5-reels and 20 paylines will prove to be either your downfall or where you stand victorious. Lined with card icons ranging from 10 to the Ace, you also have Queen Helen making an appearance beside the Trojan War warrior.

Achilles himself can gift you £10,000 if you find five of him along your reels, provided the maximum amount to bet has been applied. So if you play it safe and place the smallest bet possible, in this case £0.01, you may feel your odds are less volatile but the payout will pale in comparison to betting with £0.25.

To start those reels rolling in your favour, you need over three scatter symbols (which is in the form of Troy) to activate 10 extra spins. You can then re-trigger these by finding a combination of Achilles and Troy tiles.

Achilles doesn’t stop there though – he offers his own bonus round which will ask you to select one of himself to reveal a specific number of spins. All prizes are tripled this time round, and you can find 15, 20 or even 25 spins.

The victory cry of a winner!

We already know that Achilles can give us some hefty cash wins, but the progressive jackpot, while smaller, is still one you’ll want to trigger. The amount changes over time, but currently it stands at under £1,500, so it’s all about when you choose to play.

Due to being random led, you never know whether one spin or 20 will be your lucky number, so every game will always be different, meaning the boredom of repetition can be kept at bay a while longer.

We wish you luck on your journey! If you want to find titles that are similar you can visit Online Casino for more real casino experiences from RTG.

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