What is football betting?

Football betting might just be the most popular form of gambling in the world and one that attracts millions of people worldwide.

Nearly every football fixture, from Euro 2016 to the Chinese Super League are generally covered on sportsbook websites such as Bodog and Dafabet as they compete for your custom. Betting markets generally vary from outright match winner odds, to the amount of goals scored in a match. You are able to bet on other markets from first goal scorer odds, to hat trick odds.

Basically, with the majority of online sportsbooks you can bet on every aspect of the game. This is why football betting has become so popular over the years, and why is always looking out for the best football betting offers.

A whole range of popular football gambling markets

The large majority of football betting takes place in a number of key competitions; Premier League betting markets for the Bundesliga and betting on La Liga winners. With the Chinese Super League growing in popularity, there are also a large range of markets available.

International markets are generally quite popular, although they are seasonal and as such can be more unpredictable. International sports betting includes the Euro 2015 – where you can find the latest England odds and the 2018 World Cup qualifier odds. Since these competitions last a long time there are plenty of chances to bet on international football.

The huge benefits of betting on football

Football betting has the potential to pay out good returns if you are wise and use a good football betting strategy. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are all good teams to bet on, and generally win more times than lose. Placing regular bets on these teams can produce great betting returns.

There are generally a few teams that dominate specific leagues, such as Barcelona dominating the La Liga and Bayern Munich dominating the Bundesliga, but sometimes a team can surprise us all. Such teams include Leicester City, who could be the surprise winners of the Premier League 15/16 if they maintain good form.

This is the thrill of sports betting, with bad teams doing well and good teams doing badly. Why not get involved with all the sports action and check out awesome sportsbooks such as Bodog and Dafabet? Good luck with your sports betting endeavours from all the team!

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