What is basketball?

Basketball is a popular American sport which consist of two teams made up of five people with the objective of shooting a ball through a hoop with a diameter of 46cm. The hoop is 3.084 meters high and has a backboard connected to it at the top. Players aim to shoot the hoop from various distances or ‘slam dunk’ it in by jumping up and placing the ball directly into the hoop.

If a player shoots outside the key – a specified area around the hoop – they score 3 points and this is a field goal. If a player shoots within the key, they score two points. If a team scores they are awarded a free throw, where a team can score one extra point. The aim is to score as many points within 48 minutes of play and the team with the highest score wins. The game is extremely popular in America and sportsbooks are attempting to capitalise on the growing popularity in the UK.

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A huge range of basketball leagues to bet on!

On websites around the world you can find basketball odds for a wide range of leagues including Italian Basketball Serie A odds, Spanish ACB Betting odds and the French ProA league odds. Most importantly though, you can find the latest NBA basketball odds available on the market.

Here at we take a look at all the sportsbooks from around the world and find the best in the industry. We have found that websites such as Bodog and Dafabet are specialists in the field of basketball and host a wide range of basketball betting markets. If you are looking for a complete range of odds for the NBA and other competitions, then we highly recommend those two websites.

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What basketball betting markets are available?

Basketball is one of the most widely covered sports when it comes to betting. You can find a wide variety of markets available for basketball including who will be the outright winner of the NBA, alongside a whole host of different markets. You could bet on the outcome of an Irish Superleague or an NBA match; or you could even access handicap or ‘total point’ markets. Nearly everything is covered when it comes to basketball and as such is a very popular game to bet on.

A lot of websites offer in-play betting which allows you to bet on games as they are happening. This includes play-offs and league matches. If you think a team will turn a result around, then live betting offers you the opportunity to make money on these hunches.

If basketball betting doesn’t sound interesting to you then make sure you check out our dedicated eSports betting section. If you enjoy slots and table games make sure you check out our casino section.

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