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Welcome to the’s sports betting page which provides you with online sports betting tips and advice. Here you can find information on all the best sports betting websites from around the world. We host information on all the most popular sports such as football and basketball betting. You will also find various other sports to bet on through our sponsored bookmakers such as tennis, golf, darts and snooker. We also cover eSports – which has been growing in popularity over the last few years and many other events covered in this section Furthermore, we also cover a wide variety of other popular sports here at Red8s!

Our many years of experience in the sports betting industry allows us to bring you the latest sports betting advice and information. To bring you this information we use the safest online gaming companies. Here you can find all the latest sportsbooks promotional offers and odds comparison. If you are an avid gamer then we are bound to get the most out of your money as possible.

Online football betting

Football betting is definitely the most popular form of betting in England. With the Premier League being the most popular league in the world it gains a lot of attention in the UK and worldwide. takes a look at the best sportsbooks from around the world and finds the best odds for the Premier League markets. With three other leagues in the UK such as the Sky Bet Championship – there’s plenty of action in English football.

Betting on football is also extremely popular across the world with markets available on the La Liga, Bundesliga and many other intense leagues. Some of our featured sportsbooks such as and Dafabet have amazing footballing promotional offers. Make sure you take advantage of them!

Online basketball betting

Basketball betting is one of the most popular sports to bet on – especially in America. In the UK it is slowly growing in popularity with more games being broadcast on Sky Sport 1 and BT Sports more than ever. With huge teams such as Oklahoma City and the Boston Celtics dominating the NBA at the moment it makes basketball betting even easier than ever. Make sure you take advantage of our selected bookies promotional offers to make your basketball experience even better.

Online eSports betting

eSports betting has rapidly grown in popularity over that last few years with the monumental rise of BlizzCon and various Call of Duty conventions that take place around the world. Betting takes place on popular games such as Warcraft, StarCraft, WoW and Heroes of Storm. This rise in popularity has led to various eSports betting markets in the UK opening up. Bookies such as Bodog and have taken advantage with opening eSports markets. If you love the speed and intensity of video games then eSports betting is perfect for you. Make sure you make the most out of our sportsbook’s bonuses to further improve your gaming experience.



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