Live Casino

Live Casino

When it comes to playing at the casino, there are many brilliant games and features. Whether you are a fan of the traditional games such as roulette and blackjack or the bright lights of the slots, there is something for everyone.

Plus, as many more casinos provide a first-class online presence, accessing these games has never been easier. From your phone, players can now enjoy their favourite games from the bus, at work and even in bed! Yet, despite all those excellent games, there is one that perhaps stands out from the rest because of the real experience that it creates, even from your phone. Of course, that is Live Casino, and here we will be detailing exactly why you should play the game, and where you can play it.

The ‘real’ experience

Playing Live Casino offers only one difference to normal casino, and as you can tell from the name – it’s live. That comes through the form of webcams which allows you to see the various live dealer running live blackjack, baccarat and roulette tables. Then, just as you would at the casino, you place your bets, the game will begin, and the fun starts – and hopefully you’ll win! After that you can bet again and the cycle continues.

All of this makes for the perfect casino experience, as it couldn’t actually get more real.

Why it’s so popular

Live Casino is extremely popular with players and it’s easy to see why. Take roulette, the excitement of the spin of the wheel, the tension as the ball goes round and round, and then the relief or despair as it lands on a number. You win or lose.

The speed and thrill makes it so exciting. Even when playing on a computer that has fewer images, the same pictures and the same sounds, roulette is exciting. So just imagine playing with a real person talking you through your bets, spinning the wheel right in front of you and telling you when to bet. It gives players that extra buzz and makes the games that little bit more appealing.

Plus, it’s probably better than the normal casino too, if you’re playing from home you can have your feet up on the sofa and a glass of wine or a beer is a lot cheaper at home than it is at the casino! It’s a win-win.

Where to play

You may not get the chance to experience the Live Casino at all of the companies out there, however, the following will certainly allow you to enjoy it; Offering real high quality Live Casino options; it is a major strength of the company. For our full review click here. This well-known casino company provide you with live blackjack, poker and roulette. Needs to be sampled. Find our more in our complete review. Another that give players the chance to take in a variety of table games in the live format. Check out our review here.

Betsafe: Play on live tables from all across the world with Betsafe. Click here for more information on Betsafe.

Bodog: They too will give you the option to play on the Live Casino games. Find our more here.

However, the good news doesn’t end there. If you are new to any of these then you will also be able to take advantage of some really generous offers. Of course, they vary between each one, but whether it is matched deposits or free spins, we know you’d like to check out all the promotions available.

Then load up the Live Casino, pretty good being able to play the live tables with someone else’s money!

No time limit

Some of you may be thinking that the casinos aren’t open 24/7 so would the live tables be available all the time. Well, fear not, they are. Whether you’ve come back from a really tough day at work, or just fancy a spin when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night, log in, go for the live casino and you will find someone ready to place your bets with. So, no matter the time, the fun is always available.

There you have it, we might have put you off the regular casino forever! We hope we haven’t but if you didn’t know about the Live Casino then we have opened your eyes to an extra dimension of gaming. The real experience, the interaction and the extra buzz that’s created is why it’s so popular with players and why more and more casinos are looking to incorporate them into their games. Any time, any place, anywhere, the live table games will really give you a thrill. Enjoy.


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